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In today's business environment, managing your OpenVMS systems can be an extremely complex task. Radical changes in the industry and increasingly sophisticated technology have caused the complexity of these systems to grow beyond many site's capabilities. As the individual responsible for managing your organization's systems and networks, you may experience periods of under-staffing or skill shortages.

Using my 32 years of experience and knowledge of the OpenVMS environment, I deliver consulting services with the ultimate goal of providing you with a resource for such instances. I assist in the areas of strategic planning, systems management, virtualization, migrations, custom software development, user training and more. I also offer packaged software to assist in the management of your OpenVMS environment.

The initial investment made in computer systems can be staggering. Living with inefficient, improperly configured, or under-staffed systems that do not meet your needs, however, can be an even greater cost. My goal is to help make the most of your technology and resource investments. Get in touch with me today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. I look forward to assisting you in any way I can!

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