Thomas M. Maloney
OpenVMS Consultant

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What I Offer

Consulting Services

  • System Growth Planning
  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Technology Planning Assessment
  • Network Planning, Design, Implementation, and Support
  • Layered Software Installations and Operating System Upgrades
  • Performance Management and Capacity Planning
  • On-Going Systems Management and Support
  • OpenVMS Web Technology Implementation
  • Software Evaluation and Selection
  • Custom Software Development
  • Migrations and Conversions
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Technical Documentation
  • System Virtualization
  • Project Management
  • Security Analysis
  • and more...

If you don't see it... ASK FOR IT !!!

Customized On-Site Training Courses

  • OpenVMS Fundamentals (1 Day)
  • OpenVMS System Management (3 Days)
  • OpenVMS Performance Management (3 Days)
  • OpenVMS Security Management (3 Days)
  • OpenVMS Network Management (3 Days)
  • OpenVMS Advanced Server (3 Days)
  • OpenVMS DCL Procedures (1 Day)
  • OpenVMS Boot Camp (5 Days)

Packaged Software

  • System Manager (SYSMGR)
  • Backup Mamager (BCKMGR)
  • Broadcast Facility (BROFAC)
  • Job Manager (JOBMGR)
  • Disk Manager (DSKMGR)
  • File Manager (FILMGR)
  • Menu System (MNUSYS)

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