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I offer a variety of billing options to meet most of the invoicing requirements that I have encountered over time. If you don't see an option that meets your requirements, I am always willing to discuss alternatives. The most common are:


A fixed-price for the service is quoted based upon your current requirements. Should the project take longer than expected, your costs will not increase. Should your requirements change, a revised price will be agreed upon. Billed on a pre-agreed schedule based upon deliverables.


The service is performed at an agreed upon hourly rate. Should the project take longer than expected, your costs will be higher. If the project takes less time than expected, your costs will be lower. Billed on a weekly basis.


A fixed-price per-call or per-group of calls is agreed upon. Usually used for support and/or advisory services. Billed on a monthly basis.


A fixed monthly, quarterly, or yearly price is agreed upon based upon your requirements. Billed on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

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